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​Goodearth Lawn Service provides top-quality residential and commercial lawn care services. We assure our customer's 100% satisfaction by providing superior service and quality products. We work to ensure that we keep our community healthy and safe, while still providing you with a luscious, green lawn that the whole family can enjoy! 




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All services shall be performed by our qualified, experienced and trained technician. If you have any specific needs or issues with Goodearth lawn service that arise during the season, please contact us immediately so that these needs can be addressed. All Goodearth lawn service's​ customers are guaranteed 100% satisfaction with their lawn care service. If you ever feel that your lawn service is not satisfactory, please contact Douglas Moore at 443-523-5709.

Mission Statement

Here at Goodearth, we view your lawn through the eyes of mother nature. This ensures that when we service your lawn, we are servicing it with your family's health and well-being in mind.  We understand you want to keep your pets and children safe, while at the same time providing them with a beautiful, lush yard to spend their outdoor time in. Keep everyone, including your lawn, smiling with our MOTHER NATURE approved lawn service.  From lawn mowing and weedeating, aeration and seeding, trimming and fertilizer, to mulch installation and leaf removal, we have you covered. 

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